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Welcome to BioDental Care – we are here to serve you with the finest travel dental experience, whether you come to us locally or from the United States. Our holistic Tijuana dentist, Juan A. Trejo, DDS, practices all aspects of general, cosmetic, implant and biological dentistry with the utmost respect for your safety, comfort, and outcome of treatment.

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Touring Vibrant Tijuana: Dental Tourism

Tijuana is a vibrant city and a popular spot for Americans who want to experience dental tourism. Our office is conveniently located in the upscale business district of Tijuana, surrounded by amazing restaurants, shopping malls, and banks/ATMs for convenience and fun. We even provide our patients with a free U.S. shuttle to get you to and from San Diego without hassle. Call us at BioDental Care Phone Number 619-754-8508.

Holistic Dental Care for U.S. Dental Patients

The benefits of holistic dental care reach throughout the body. More and more, patients are coming to us for thoughtful, progressive dental care that takes into account their overall health.
Some of our most popular holistic procedures include:

What is Biological or Holistic Dentistry?

Also known as “holistic dentistry”, biological dentistry is the practice of dentistry based on the belief that a person’s oral health is inextricably connected to his or her overall health. Biological dentists use non-toxic restorative materials and focus on prevention and elimination of infection while promoting optimal oral health. Our doctors have the same training and credentials as any other dentist, however they have chosen to expand their offerings to include a holistic path when it comes to treating patients.

Mercury-Free Practice

We are a mercury-free practice and follow the Huggins protocol to safely remove mercury from the teeth in a way that minimizes any potential negative effects on our patients. We use biocompatible materials on all restorations to keep your smile metal-free!

We are excited to welcome you to BioDental Care. Whether you are curious about holistic dental treatments or are coming to us from the United States looking for an improved dental experience, we are here to help. Please call us today at BioDental Care Phone Number 619-754-8508.

Premium Dental Implants Tijuana

Restore your smile and your ability to eat freely with a dental implant. Dental implant surgery is a very comfortable procedure and you can enjoy the exciting city of Tijuana while you recover and heal. Dental implants are placed in our office with the same excellence you find in many great American clinics, yet without the hefty price tag. These benefits explain why dental tourism is on the rise.

Comprehensive General and Cosmetic Dentistry

We also offer complete general and cosmetic dental services to give you your best, healthiest smile.
Services include:

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