Sedation Denistry in Tijuana

At BioDental Care, we are proud to offer a full suite of professional and safe sedation services for every dental treatment that we provide. We believe that sedation options are an essential part of offering comfort and ease during dental procedures, and thankfully, there are a wide variety of choices available to us today. We can block pain, calm nerves, and even give you restful “sleep” while we carry out your treatments.

We offer Oral Sedation with all procedures, including:

Your sedation options:

Local Anesthetics

Local anesthetics, such as lidocaine, are what’s most common used in dental procedures. They are administered directly to the surgical site to numb the tissue so that you do not feel any pain. For some minor procedures, such as soft tissue and simple extractions, a local anesthetic is all that is generally needed to get the job done.

Oral Sedatives—Sleep Dentistry

For some, the use of an oral sedative about an hour before the procedure can help with anxiety. While oral sedatives do not eliminate pain, they provide our patients with a sense of calm prior to the procedure. Local anesthesia is then used to numb the surgical site.

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry include:

  • A calm, relaxed mood
  • Ease during the procedure
  • The completion of multiple treatments in one visit
  • Less post-op discomfort

We are proud to provide Benzodiazepines—a sedative and anti-anxiety medication—which bind and tone down activity within the fear receptors of the brain. We believe Benzodiazepines to be exceptionally effective because they target are areas of the brain focused on sleep. Doses can be altered to decrease anxiety or induce sleep, according to patients’ needs. We use sedative-hypnotics—to calm and induce drowsiness and even sleep—and anti-anxiety drugs—to reduce anxiety and induce calm and relaxation. At your consultation, our dentist will thoroughly review your case and recommend what he believes would be best for you.

If you have any concerns about an upcoming procedure, please give us a call. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to guarantee the best experience possible.