Holistic Dentistry in tijuana

What is holistic dentistry?

Also known as “biological dentistry” here in Tijuana, holistic dentistry is a practice that is guided by the belief that oral health is directly connected to whole-body health. As an holistic dentist, Dr. Juan Trejo focuses on prevention and the use of non-toxic dental restoration materials to ensure his patients’ best health. He has the same education and credentials as any dentist, but he has expanded the practice to offer holistic choices and paths for his patients.

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone (O3 gas) is an energized form of oxygen. It stimulates circulation of the blood and the body’s natural immune response, which equates to faster healing for patients. Because it has strong disinfectant properties, it is used in many treatments including root canal therapy, periodontal disease treatment, and it can even aid us with crowns and cosmetic treatments such as veneers. It can stop most cavities from progressing and in some cases even reverse damage that has already occurred, encouraging remineralization of the tooth. It reduces the need for antibiotics and can help relieve pain in hypersensitive teeth.

Mercury Detox and Removal

While many health organizations have stated that mercury is safe for use in restoring teeth, we are proud to be a mercury-free practice, as more and more people question the use of metals like mercury and other foreign materials in the body. Several of our doctors are trained in the Huggins Protocol, which is the safest method for mercury removal that will not cause further harm to health. For the safe removal of any current mercury that you have and a 100% metal-free mouth, please call our friendly team at BioDental Care Phone Number 619-754-8508.

IV Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very effective as a complementary treatment to mercury removal, as it replaces the electrons that heavy metals take with them as they leave your system and is great for boosting the immune system overall. We deliver vitamin C intravenously as it is absorbed more efficiently and effectively than with oral administration.

Metal-Free Restorations in Tijuana

We offer metal-free fillings, crowns and other restorations because we believe that metal should be kept out of the body. In addition to that, many patients prefer the aesthetic qualities of tooth-colored materials for obvious reasons. Let us restore not just your health but also your smile with a natural-looking, tooth-colored restoration.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is the concentration of platelets (a component of blood that is rich in growth factors, important for healing injuries). PRP is done by a centrifugation process that separates the platelets from other blood cells. The plasma is then introduced back into the body to accelerate healing and to reduce pain and swelling.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Platelet-rich fibrin is similar to PRP, but a newer process that includes fibrin which is a key ingredient for initiating healing in a wound. It also contains no additives, and provides 20 times more leukocytes cells. This process is often used in bone grafting or the dental implants process to increase comfort and accelerate healing.