Having a Dental Bone Graft in Tijuana, Mexico

The health of your jawbone depends on strong, healthy teeth working as anchors to prevent deterioration. If you’ve experienced bone loss from missing teeth or periodontal disease, you might require a bone graft procedure to regrow bone mass, especially if you’re considering dental implants. If you need a bone graft to prepare for dental implant surgery or repair damage from periodontal disease, call BioDental Care at (619) 754-8508 to schedule a consultation.

What is a dental bone graft?

A dental bone graft is a minor surgical procedure that uses bone material—your own, harvested from the pelvis or tibia, or donor or synthetic material—to stimulate regrowth in your jaw. During the procedure, the dentist will make an incision in your gums to access the bone beneath. The bone material is then injected into the incision through a syringe. A collagen membrane will cover the graft for optimum repair, and the dentist will stitch the gums shut. During the healing process, the bone material will act as a scaffold onto which your body will build new bone. Once healing is complete, you will have sufficient bone mass to support dental implants.

Bone Graft Types and Techniques

Ridge preservation

In addition to preparing the jaw for dental implants, bone grafting procedures can be used for other dental purposes. If you’ve lost a tooth from an injury, or you need a tooth extracted due to decay, a bone graft procedure should be performed immediately to minimize bone loss and gum recession in neighboring teeth. Ridge preservation bone grafting can prepare your jawbone for an eventual dental implant. It’s important to note that without an implant, the jawbone will eventually start to deteriorate without a tooth anchoring it in place, despite a previous bone grafting procedure.

Periodontal bone graft

Another reason you might need a dental bone graft is to repair damaged bone caused by periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is caused by severe plaque and tartar build-up, which leads to inflamed and receding gums, loose teeth, and eventually bone loss. Periodontal bone grafts can regrow previously infected and damaged bone, which will in turn save the affected tooth so you don’t need to replace it with a dental implant. 

Bone grafting cost in Tijuana

Bone grafting might sound like a complicated procedure, but it’s actually minimally invasive, requiring nothing more than over-the-counter pain medication during the healing process. Still, the cost of the surgery can be quite high in the U.S., which is why we offer much lower rates at our location in Tijuana.

Sinus bone grafting

If you’re considering a dental implant in an upper back tooth, you might require a sinus bone grafting procedure, also called a sinus lift. Roots of the upper back teeth can sometimes extend into the sinus area, which leaves insufficient jaw bone to place an implant. The sinus bone grafting procedure starts with an incision in the gums and a small circular hole cut out of the bone beneath the sinus. Next, the dentist will “lift” the sinus area upward and fill the space with bone graft material before stitching the gums back together. A sinus bone grafting procedure can usually be performed at the same time as a tooth extraction if it’s required before a dental implant procedure.

Everything You Need to Know About Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

If you need a bone graft to prepare for dental implant surgery or repair damage from periodontal disease, call BioDental Care at (619) 754-8508 to schedule a consultation.