Breaking or cracking a tooth is common, and many people will experience this at least once in their life.  Even the toughest and most durable material can be susceptible to damage, and teeth are no exception.   There are several causes of broken teeth, including accidentally biting down with too much force on a tough food like hard candy or from an accident or injury.  Luckily, there are effective ways to treat a broken tooth and your dentist will offer the best option for your unique situation. 


Can a Crown Fix a Broken Tooth?

First, it’s essential to contact your dentist and understand the severity of the situation since this will determine the best course of action.  In many cases, if a tooth breaks and it’s mostly an aesthetic issue while the root and nerve are not impacted, a crown may be used to repair the appearance of your smile.  This can be a quick, effective, and minimally invasive solution that prevents further damage.  Remember that although crowns are made of durable materials, it’s important to steer clear of habits or actions that might have initially led to the damage of your natural tooth.


Does a Broken Tooth Require an Implant?

In some cases, when a tooth sustains severe damage from a break or crack beyond repair, a tooth extraction may be necessary.  Extractions are standard procedures that remove the damaged tooth; however tooth replacement will be critical afterward.  Not only will you want to avoid a gap in your smile, but missing a tooth (or missing several teeth) will cause other unwanted side effects and oral health concerns.  When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants are an excellent choice that produce a result that is just about identical to your original tooth!


What Options Are Available for a Broken Tooth?

  • Beyond crowns and dental implants, there are alternative options, and your dentist will provide a treatment plan best suited to the severity of your break or crack.
  • Veneers: When the damage to a tooth is a minor chip, veneers may be an option.  Veneers consist of a thin shell often made of porcelain, custom fit on the damaged tooth to seamlessly cover the flaw.
  • Dental Bridge: If your broken tooth requires an extraction, a dental bridge may be an alternative to a dental implant.  A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth customized to replace the missing tooth and does not require surgical placement. A dental bridge is made up of two (or more) crowns that surround the missing tooth and provide support for the new prosthetic tooth.
  • Partial Dentures: Another option for tooth replacement after an extraction includes partial dentures.  Similar to a dental bridge, partial dentures do not require surgical placement and can replace a missing tooth if you have other natural teeth remaining. 


Fix your Broken Tooth with BioDental in Tijuana!

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