Dental implants are the most comfortable, durable, and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. This three-part tooth-replacement system consists of a titanium screw surgically inserted into the jaw, an abutment that connects to the implant and extends up through the gum, and a prosthetic tooth attached to the abutment. Other tooth-replacement solutions only replace the tooth crown, but dental implants also replace the tooth root, so they keep the teeth sturdy, enable natural speech, restore bite force, and prevent bone loss.

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to missing teeth. But if your teeth have been missing for a long time, you may not have adequate jawbone to support the implants. Once a tooth has been lost, the jawbone beneath it begins to atrophy almost immediately? as much as 25% of jawbone density can be lost within the first year. Fortunately, a bone grafting procedure can help stimulate bone growth to ensure that you have sufficient support for the dental implants. And if you have your bone graft in Mexico at BioDental Care, you’ll pay significantly less than you would right across the border.


What is a dental bone graft?

A dental bone graft is a minor surgical procedure that involves bone material grafted into the jaw to stimulate regrowth. This material comes from the patient’s own pelvis or tibia, from a donor, or a synthetic material. During the procedure, the dentist makes an incision in the gums to access the bone beneath. The bone material is then injected into the incision through a syringe. A collagen membrane is used to cover the graft to promote healing, and the dentist stitches the gums shut. During the healing process, which takes a few months, the bone material acts as a scaffold onto which the body builds new bone. Once healing is complete, the patient should have sufficient bone mass to support dental implants.

What is the cost of dental bone grafts in Mexico vs the U.S.?

In the U.S., a dental bone starts around $500 per tooth, though the cost could be more or less, depending on whether the grafting material is from the patient’s own body or another source. At BioDental Care in Tijuana, a bone graft starts at $350 per tooth! We also charge up to 70% less on dental implants than you’ll pay in the U.S. A single implant per tooth in the U.S. starts around $4000, but at BioDental Care, it starts at $1600. Whether you need a single tooth replaced or a full set, you’ll save big by having your dental work done in Mexico. And at BioDental Care in Tijuana, you’ll get the same impeccable service and high quality dental care that you would in the United States.

Low cost bone grafting for dental implants in Mexico at BioDental Care

If you need a bone graft to prepare for dental implants in Mexico surgery or to repair damage from periodontal disease, a quick trip to Tijuana can save you hundreds of dollars. Call BioDental Care at (619) 754-8508 to schedule a consultation. We’re just minutes away from downtown San Diego, and we offer a comprehensive range of the highest quality dental services at affordable prices. Come see us today!